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We provide value driven consulting and IT services on informational intelligence for product manufacturing companies including business and market (dynamic, global, socio-economic) factors. The unique blend of expertise in PLM, IoT, Cloud Computing and Business Analytics over 20 years brings the niche-value to businesses around the world.
Strongly rooted in the vision to create an enterprise that generates value for customers, nurtures creativity, spreads positivity in employees, and promotes integrity all around. 

The significant problems we have, cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.

- Albert Einstein

Leadership Team
Prasad Rajamohan, CEO | Phone: 919-450-8914

Prasad is a leader with passion to create value driven solutions for customers. He has been recognized widely as a customer focussed and result oriented personality committed to bringing innvation and technology closer to the manufacturing companies using optimum investments.

In this new venture, he brings niche long term value proposition for businesses by discovering the performance drivers from informational intelligence using business analytics, IoT, PLM and Cloud technologies.

Our Corporate Virtues​​
INTEGRYTICS nurtures creativity, integrity, persistence and happiness in all parts of the organization.
Strategic positive leadership applied on top of the leading framework for positive work experience to bring the sustainable, long term values for customer.
We are proud to adopt scientifically proven "Value Platform"® for businesses by leading corporate leadership, from the day of our inception.
Be part of the creative, value driving team?

Join us to deliver innovative solutions. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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