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BusDecision-IOT Integration
Product Development IoT & Analytics Solution (igPDAnalytics® )

INTEGRYTICS provde an unique solution that enables product development onto IoT and business analytics to drive engineering, manufacturing, distribution and service efficiency:

  • Comprehensive, end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and distributing enterprise product intelligence

    • Extract data from data sources on multiple platforms, and build a data set, integrating extracted data

    • Store large volumes of data efficiently and in a variety of formats in cloud

    • Provide business users the ability to explore data

    • Perform simple query and reporting functions, and view up-to-date results of complex analyses

  • Use powerful analytic techniques to provide predictive and descriptive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization

  • Centrally evaluate & control the accuracy and consistency of data in the solution model

Integrate connected products to analytics engine and harness innovation:

  • Define Challenge

  • Identify Data Process and Business Drivers

  • Extract and Transform  Data (as Proof-of-Concept)

  • Extract and Transform  Data

  • Build PD Analytics Data Model

  • Deploy & Validate Model

  • Evaluate & Monitor Results

  • Integrate IoT devices into products and enable streaming data to analytics model

Integrate IoT devices data stream into business analytics engine:

  • Capture data from IoT devices from device logs and direct stream

  • Integrate the data stream into business analytics engine

  • Monitor IoT devices availability and accuracy of input stream of data

  • Review the results and feedback for the data analysis model; update the impact records

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