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Integrytics Services - Portfolio

Integrytics services portfolio provides value to businesses that are efficient with end-to-end approach:

  • Build and deploy business decision solutions using informational intelligence (data analytics) 

  • Integrage IoT generated product data to business analytics – igPDAnalytics®

  • Enable enterprise architecture (EA) for business analytics readiness

    • Provide best practices consulting for unified enterprise data

  • Deploy, integrate and support enterprise applciations, IoT, Business Analytics solutions on cloud

  • “Optimize product development and enhance innovation” – igOptivate® through business and process analytics

  • Upgrade enterprise systems to genearte data from business performance drivers – igReady®
  • Migrate legacy systems to “igReady” enterpise systems 

  • Generate analytics and performance drivers impact reports

  • Monitor and maintain business decision solution

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